Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Commitment to Player Development!

WAA has spent much of this past off-season developing a new player/coach development program. Some of the goals of the new team of people developing this program is to provide WAA coaches with the tools and knowledge to run efficient practices, teach and build upon fundamental skills, and expose the players to many more aspects of the game of baseball. It is our sense that this will give the players a better chance at improving, enjoying the game, and coming back to play year after year.

Potential WAA coaches will be asked to attend various training sessions. Not all coaches will attend all sessions but each will be given various options. On March 29, NY District 4 has contracted Big Al Baseball to provide a coaching clinic. WAA will again participate in this, and all of our coaches will be able to attend at no cost to them!

Also Little League provides all coaches with free access to their Coach Resource Center. We encourage all coaches, at all levels, to browse their site to learn about the latest drills and coaching techniques! The site can be accessed here: Little League Coaches Resource Center.

Finally, there's much more to coaching kids than practices and drills. WAA and the Webster Youth Sports Council understand the challenges coaches face when working with young players. As a member of the WYSC, WAA Baseball is committed to offering our coaches the opportunity to be certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance. More information on this will be sent to all WAA coaches in the very near future.

Little League Baseball also provides coaches with many other resources, available here.

WAA believes that better coaching leads to better players, and a much more enjoyable experience for all!

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